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 First, make sure your cabinets have a finish that will last.
Our people and our process
    A very durable finish is an oven-cured catalyzed conversion varnish top coat. It provides a clear, non-yellowing, chemically-resistant finish. The finish is smooth and has a pleasing sheen.
The least durable top coats are lacquer and catalyzed lacquer. Just a few years after lacquer-finished cabinets are installed, the area around the pulls and knobs develop a tacky, dark color. That is the lacquer wearing down from everyday handling and exposure to water (sink), detergents, chemicals, and steam (coffee maker and dishwasher). Lacquers also yellow over time. This does not happen with a catalyzed conversion varnish.
   When wood cabinets are finished correctly, they become a beautiful, stunning element in your home.
All cabinet manufacturers have access to the industry’s entire line up of finish materials, from good to better to best. At Brookwood Cabinetry, we start with only the best material.
Then, we choose processes that make the most of these finish materials
Each finish we offer creates a unique furniture look, adding beauty, color, and depth to nature’s most versatile material: wood.
Depending on the color you choose for your Brookwood Cabinetry, your cabinetry may go through 8, 10 or
14 steps in our factory, so we can lay down the most beautiful, smooth and durable finish possible.
“Baking” a finish is necessary to achieve the most durable finish, so
all our finishes require the cabinetry component to go through our industrial oven at least twice.
More important than the number of steps in our finish process are our employees. More than a third of our production employees work in our Finishing Department.
Throughout the entire production process, we have inspectors at every step, including the final step, to ensure quality. All employees are empowered to pull any component off the line if it does not meet their standards.
 LEARN MORE! KCMA stands for Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. They set standards for quality cabinetry finishes and test cabinets to make the standards are met. Learn more at

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