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 Ask these questions before you buy.
                  Cabinetry from Shop A
   Cabinetry from Shop B
   What type of finish is used?
A very durable finish is an oven-cured catalyzed conversion varnish top coat.
It provides a clear, non-yellowing, chemically-resistant finish. The least durable top coats are lacquer and catalyzed lacquer. Just a few years after lacquer- finished cabinets are installed, the area around the pulls and knobs develop a tacky, dark color. That is the lacquer wearing down from everyday handling
and exposure to water (sink), detergents, chemicals, and steam (coffee maker
and dishwasher). Lacquers also yellow over time. This does not happen with a catalyzed conversion varnish.
Brookwood Cabinetry uses a catalyzed conversion varnish. Cabinetry finished with this process will look better and hold up better over time compared to cabinetry with a lacquer top coat.
Our finish is more than durable, it’s beautiful. Our top coat has a lustrous feel, incredible depth, and an understated, elegant satin sheen. It’s what you’d expect of fine heirloom furniture, so we call it the “Furniture Finish.”
In addition to the sheen of the Furniture Finish, Brookwood Cabinetry also offers Matte Top Coat on stain-based cabinet colors.
 Who supplies the finish materials?
  Brookwood Cabinetry uses finish materials from only the best and most reputable manufacturers. The coatings comply with all regulations regarding Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde.
   What is the finish process?
Brookwood Cabinetry has a multi-step finish process that is one of the very best in the industry. It is certified by KCMA (see LEARN MORE at left) and passes a rigorous certification process that tests for resistance against chemicals and harmful household products.
Brookwood Cabinetry finishes cabinetry
in a professional, climate controlled system. The varnish is catalyzed and oven cured to provide a super hard finish that is clear, non- yellowing and chemically resistant.
Each cabinet in a Brookwood Cabinetry installation will have a pleasing overall color match due to our exacting color standards and controlled manufacturing environment.
 If a door has to be replaced, can you get it finished to match your kitchen? Watch out for cabinetmakers who may not be in business when you need a door or two down the road.
  Brookwood Cabinetry has been in business for 40 years. Brookwood will be there if you need a door, a hinge, or a glide.
      All Brookwood Cabinetry finishes, material and construction are guaranteed by a limited Lifetime Warranty.

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