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 Second, your cabinets need to be rugged.
• What is the warranty?
• For interiors, avoid uncoated particle board. It absorbs water
and bubbles appear, as illustrated below.
• Some cabinetmakers create cabinet exteriors with a mix of wood and melamine components. Be aware that melamine doesn’t age like the wood components will, and eventually your kitchen will be two different colors.
  Ask these questions before you buy.
      Cabinetry from Shop A
Cabinetry from Shop B
                      Cabinetry has to endure hard knocks.
What is the warranty?
Brookwood Cabinetry has a limited Lifetime Warranty. Brookwood Cabinetry has been in business for 40 years. Brookwood will be there if you need a door, a hinge, or a glide.
         Is the product on view? Avoid cabinetmakers who do not have their product on display. You need to open and close doors and drawers, judge the glides, and judge the material, methods and joinery used to build the cabinets.
Brookwood Cabinetry is on display.
         Are the cabinets certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association? Cabinets that comply and bear the KCMA certification seal are a quality product able to perform after a rigorous battery of ANSI tests simulating years of typical household use.
Brookwood Cabinetry is KCMA certified.
Brookwood Cabinetry uses the best construction methods and materials available.
Throughout the entire manufacturing process, every employee is empowered
to remove product that doesn’t meet their standards. Our employees are actively and passionately engaged in our Continuous Improvement (CI) process.
We have several CI teams from several different departments who watch over every aspect of cabinet production, from order processing through delivery. Our Continuous Improvement process works!
KCMA stands for Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. They set standards for quality cabinetry materials and construction and test cabinets to make the standards are met. Learn more at
ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. Learn more at

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